Knowledge and competence-we trust

There are many reasons for choosing ECTS as your preferred agency if you are planning to come to Europe for higher studies.

  • ECTS is the only consultancy firm which is truly headed by a Chairman who is an Emeritus Professor at one of the Universities in Sweden. The Chairman of ECTS has been directly engaged in European education system for more than 45 years particularly in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, England, Germany and Poland.  
  • ECTS has the most prominent and expert panel of international Advisors.
  • ECTS is based (registered) in Europe; it provides students with 100% support and service from assessment to accommodation, even job or career information.
  • ECTS’s registration fees and service charges are much lower than any other educational consultancy service firms. All kind of fees are paid through bank transfer and there are no hidden charges.
  • ECTS always provides students with 100% transparent, authentic and current information regarding study abroad based on their own experiences and knowledge gained by searching online.
  • Only ECTS can provide students with any kind of help once arrived in Europe (like airport pick up service).
  • ECTS always waive its registration charges for meritorious and financially poor students.