We do what we promise

The fundamental goal of ECTS is to assist tuition fee paying non-European students with proper guidance and supervision when seeking admission for higher studies in Europe. The guidance and supervision concern not only admission but also accommodation, visa processing, residence – and work permit. If required, ECTS can also provide students with English tutorials. In addition, ECTS aims to directly facilitate the partner universities in Europe to recruit meritorious tuition fee paying students from non-European countries. Special focus will be given in recruiting students from South-East Asia to various bachelors’ and masters’ programs offered by the European universities and other higher education institutions.

ECTS will provide students with expert consultancy on several issues such as:

Student Counseling

To assist students from Bangladesh, some of the ECTS delegates will be visiting several universities in Dhaka and Rajshahi in two occasions per year especially prior to application submission. For details please contact ECTS as soon as possible., All interested students as well as their family/parents are welcome to contact ECTS to get information on admission, accommodation, tuition fee, living expenses while studying in Europe etc.

Visa Processing

ECTS will assist the students with processing their applications for entrance visa to the European country of admission. This will be done upon request by students only when they have got admission to a European university.

Test Preparation

ECTS can provide students with tutorials for IELTS exam (if necessary). When Sweden is concerned ECTS can also provide students with preparatory courses on Swedish language or culture.

Pre-departure Briefing

Once the students have already obtained their visa /resident permit from the respective Embassies, ECTS will organize one or two video seminars for them. A list of necessary documents will be delivered to each student. This is just a reminder for them to not to forget these documents prior to departure such as health insurance certificate, resident permit card, bank card, admission letter, original certificates etc. Depending on the country of admission we will also give them other significant instructions like clothing, transport from the airport and accommodation facilities. For example, (i) what kind of clothes they should wear when landing at Stockholm Airport in Sweden in the middle of January (it can be -25OC), (ii) what kind of transport they should use and how to purchase the tickets for their onward journey to the university town. Simply, we will train the students to handle the most common situations they may face at the port of arrival.

University & Program Selection

How to find an appropriate study program anywhere in Europe. One of our highly specialized consultants will try to match the educational background of the student with the study program/s given at any European university.

Travel Assistance

How to arrive at the university. If necessary, ECTS will also provide pick-up services for the incoming students. In order to get this facility the student must inform ECTS at least a week prior to his/her arrival to the country of admission. He/she also needs to send a copy of the air ticket to ECTS.

Application & Admission

How to select appropriate courses and correctly fill up the application from for university admission. Incomplete or wrongly filled up application forms are rejected by the admission office. Selection of wrong courses may also result rejection of admission. ECTS will treat your admission as a challenge.


How to find a suitable accommodation. Another significant problem is to find a suitable housing nearby the university campus. ECTS can help students in this regard if the students inform this to our consultant prior to submission of the admission application.